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Lins Business Consulting.
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Debra Lins.
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Debra Lins, MBA.

Debra R. Lins, MBA

Lins Business Consulting.
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Consulting Services for Business Owners:

Lins Business Consulting provides consulting, mentoring, trouble shooting, financial reviews, business planning, staffing reviews, staff development, and consulting on day-to-day business needs of the business owner.

Consulting Services for Community Banks:

Lins Business Consulting offers proactive advisory and consulting services to community banks in the areas of strategic growth, product development, RFP reviews, staffing reviews, staff development, CEO & management mentoring, and can serve as an interim CEO/President during transition. She can provide guidance to banks working under regulatory pressure, with challenging credit issues or in need of review of loan procedures. Debra is also knowledgeable about issues related to Regulatory Consent Orders and MOU's.

Services Include:
  • Business Planning
  • Capital Raising
  • Team Building
  • Bank Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Business Start-up Support
  • Conflict Management
  • Business Development/Marketing
  • Loan Structuring
  • Human Resources Support
  • Mentoring

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