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Lins Business Consulting.
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Michael Jones of Mid America Bank.Michael Jones of Mid America Bank. I have worked with Debra in her capacity as a Director of Mid America Bank (MAB), a business consultant and as a past industry competitor. Her vast experiences and industry knowledge have been invaluable over the last several years for MAB. Debra was a stable guiding influence as we worked through a difficult and transitional time. She provided the right amount of governance yet was also able to provide meaningful insight at the operational level as well. I truly cannot say enough positive things about Debra and her abilities other than to say she is of the highest integrity and has become a treasured advisor.

Michael Jones, Former President & CEO, Mid America Bank - Janesville, Wisconsin

Martha Haymaker of Calhoun Banks.Martha Haymaker of Calhoun Banks. Our bank contracted with Debra Lins of Lins Business Consulting LLC (LBC) to facilitate both our board and management strategic planning sessions. All of the pre and post work as well as her work during our live sessions was handled very efficiently and professionally. She provided key insights and kept everyone engaged and participatory throughout the process by using several different presentation and engagement methods. Her pre-session communication with the management team helped identify discussion topics and kept us centered toward our common goals. After the two planning sessions, LBC provided documentation of our agreed upon strategic goals, as well as specific tasks and timelines that provided Calhoun Banks with a launch point for the success of our action plans. Debra was dedicated to our planning process and we truly felt that she was part of our team.

Martha Haymaker, CEO/President, Calhoun Banks - Grantsville, WV

Melanie Burgie of Save Cows based in Baraboo, WI.Melanie Burgi of Save Cows. When we began our manufacturing entity, Debra Lins helped us secure financing while providing sound business advice. She asked the right questions, provided guidance, negotiated funding options and supported us through all phases of those initial challenges. I believe in hiring the best business professionals. Debra is a valuable consultant who has earned my trust. As we continue to expand our international agri-business, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table which helps us avoid roadblocks to success. Debra does this in a timely manner, with both professionalism and integrity.

Melanie Burgi, CEO, Comfort Hoof Care Inc., Synergy Metalworks LLC, Dairyland Hoof Care Institute Inc., Sure Step Consulting International LLC, Save Cows - Baraboo, Wisconsin

Phillip Whitehead, President and CEO, The Bank of New Glarus.Phillip Whitehead of The Bank of New Glarus. Debra Lins was engaged by our Bank to assist us in the process of reorganizing our credit administration department and to review and recommend improvements to our loan processing procedures. With her vast knowledge and experience of the lending function, she was able to provide recommendations which will improve our efficiencies and reduce our credit risk. She performed all work professionally, accurately and timely, while adhering to our budget. Because of our positive experience, Debra Lins and Lins Business Consulting LLC is a valued service provider to our organization and we will enlist her services with future projects.

Phillip L. Whitehead, Former President & CEO, The Bank of New Glarus
- New Glarus, Wisconsin

Dr. Dean Meyer of Doctor's Choice Supplements. Inc.Dr. Dean Meyer of Doctor's Choice Supplements. Inc. Debra has assisted in our succession plan. I greatly value my long-term employees and my goal was to have a "win-win" for both the employees and myself. Debra was attentive and took the time to really get to know my views; met with the employees; and provided options, as well as pointing out challenges along the way for the options under consideration.

She effectively communicated with our accountant and lawyer, and continued to be an advocate through the whole process. Her business acumen and talent was greatly appreciated.

R. Dean Meyer, DVM, President, Doctor's Choice Supplements. Inc.
- Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

Gary Schlosstein, President, Gebsco, Inc. Parent Holding Company of Alliance Bank.Gary Schlosstein of Alliance Bank. Lins Business Consulting (Debra) in 2014 conducted a Strategic Planning Session for our Bank. The session was very well organized in a down to earth practical business oriented format. Her preliminary onsite contacts and assessments were invaluable in setting up an effective and productive session. Debra proceeds directly to the important areas of business like strategic planning. Her real life on the job experience in the business and banking field clearly enhanced the quality and efficiency of our final plan.

Gary Schlosstein, President, Gebsco, Inc. Parent Holding Company of
Alliance Bank - Mondovi, Wisconsin

J.D. Byrider.JD Byrider in Madison Wisconsin. As a new franchise owner in 2012 we appreciated the business model and support of JD Byrider; and yet, we knew we needed more day-to-day support as a start-up business. Debra brought us that business know-how and supported us by interviewing for key positions; connecting us with vendors for services needed; and worked with our CNAC staff to insure proper procedures were in place. She had an in-depth perspective that included everyone from the boardroom and the owners to the janitor. Her vast knowledge of business was instrumental in getting our new business opened ahead of schedule.

Cilla LLC d/b/a JD Byrider and Cilla Financial LLC
Rick Francois, President and Managing Member, J.D. Byrider - Janesville, Wisconsin

Phillip Johnson, Treasurer, Wisconsin Bancorp, Inc.Phillip Johnson of MidAmerica Bank. Ms. Lins completed a full external review of our bank holding company's corporate records. She submitted a report of her findings to our board and provided excellent advice on several areas that we needed to address. She was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and had an outstanding rapport with all parties she interfaced with during the engagement.

Phillip Johnson, Former Treasurer, Wisconsin Bancorp, Inc. (WBC) - Janesville, Wisconsin

John Hecht, WPS Bank.John Hecht of WPS Bank. We engaged Debra Lins on a mission-critical, time sensitive project for our bank. Not only did she meet every deadline and address all of the deliverables, but she took the time to understand our business needs and she worked extremely well with the entire staff. Ms. Lins was very respectful of my time and our budget and she brought additional value in providing business referrals and observations for further enhancement. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again for bank consulting needs.

John R. Hecht, Former President & CEO, WPS Community Bank, FSB n/k/a Starion Bank - Madison, Wisconsin

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